DevOps: Vision to Reality

A collection of strategies for rapidly and reliably delivering high-quality software, DevOps has been gaining considerable traction. Based on the concepts of sharing, collaboration, measurement, and automation, DevOps breaks down silos, eliminates bottlenecks, and raises efficiency. Inspired by the lean and agile movements, DevOps is all about continual improvement. By speeding up application development and delivery, DevOps can accelerate go to market and raise competitive advantage.
Going all the way from vision to strategy to roadmap to operations, Marlabs can help you get going with DevOps. Implementing DevOps may require making changes to technology and processes. With our DevOps toolkit comprising best practices, processes, and tools and frameworks, we will help you navigate these changes, so as to realize continuous, accelerated flows, moving development from unwieldy release cycles to an agile methodology, ultimately scaling DevOps from individual teams to the entire enterprise.
Supporting the DevOps Journey
Let us take you on the DevOps journey—from concept to implementation—through a five phase approach.
Phase 1: DevOps Continuous Assessment Be it discussions between apps and ops teams or analyzing infrastructure and assessing gaps or laying out development standards or inserting continuous improvement feedback, we will help you get started.
Phase 2: DevOps Continuous Integration and Test From automating and scheduling processes to setting up systems to testing and moving code to integrating systems, we will establish a continuous integration and testing environment for delivering code.
Phase 3: DevOps Continuous Release and Deployment Seamless transition to staging and production will be followed by continuous release and deployment. Merging release and change management into DevOps provides an end-to-end feedback cycle.
Phase 4: DevOps Continuous Delivery
Continuous delivery brings together continuous integration and test as well as continuous release and deployment, both of which can be implemented individually or collectively.
Phase 5: DevOps Continuous Operations
Closing the loop on end-to-end DevOps is continuous operations addressing the integration between ops and apps after your application has been put into production.
Services that Guarantee Results
An array of service offerings can be leveraged independently or together in order to get DevOps going:
  • Education and knowledge transfer: Training and coaching on the principles and practices of DevOps.
  • Assessment: Providing feedback on the initiative, assisting with priorities, and identifying any gaps.
  • Business case: Developing business case for DevOps that balances costs, risks, and agility.
  • Strategy definition: Helping set DevOps vision, strategy, and roadmap.
  • Architecture design: Advising on architecture and design, including DevOps processes and tools.
  • Automation maturity: Assessing maturity levels in the continuous delivery chain.
  • Metrics and dashboard: Identifying performance indicators to step up alignment and agility.
  • Organizational change: Helping nurture organizational and cultural changes for agile development.
  • Production integration: Supporting IT operations in accelerating new release deployment.
DevOps - the Benefits
  • Step up quality through software engineering best practices 
  • Boost transparency and predictability in IT project execution
  • Speed up time to market by leveraging agile methodologies
  • Maximize deploy frequency leading to faster time to market
  • Lower failure rate and shorten mean time to recovery
  • Increase efficiency by managing infrastructure as code.
The Marlabs Advantage
  • Expertise and knowledge in DevOps tools
  • Practitioner experience in integrating and implementing DevOps
  • Knowledge, expertise, and experience in change management and transformation
  • Processes and reusable artefacts to jumpstart the initiative
  • Tool and technology frameworks to enable DevOps across the enterprise
  • Deployment facilities that make for effective collaboration and test as well as continuous release and deployment, both of which can be implemented individually or collectively.
  • Dedicated and focused team of release engineers, build engineers, and process specialists
  • Experience in continuous delivery, provisioning, release management, and automated testing.

  DevOps Brochure