Banking and Financial Services

Marlabs’ services in the banking and finance sector include application development, testing, business intelligence and analytics, mobility services, cloud services, operations support, and infrastructure management services. Technology being the major differentiating factor for banking, we focus on solutions that help customers restructure, cut costs and compete in the global market. Our BFSI specific offerings include various aspects of cash management such as cash positioning, bank communication, and cash forecasting. Marlabs helps integrate Internet banking and bill payment with ease. Our customers benefit from a multi-layered security architecture, which includes firewalls, filtering routers, encryption and digital certification to protect against unauthorized access. 
Ecommerce involves high volume transactions globally around the clock. We integrate reference data systems to enhance the existing system and help transitioning to electronic forms and submissions. We also support a wide range of business intelligence and data warehousing applications. Marlabs’ CRM solutions in banking help clients transform from a product centric to a customer centric organization. Marlabs has a dedicated banking/finance investment management practice with expertise to offer services to banking and finance domains.
Some of our key offerings include:
  • Equity aggregation
  • Real time banking and trading systems
  • Internet banking systems
  • Cash management systems
  • Bill payment systems
  • E-commerce
  • Core data processing systems
  • Electronic forms and submissions
  • Business Intelligence and data warehousing applications
  • Legacy migration and integration
  • CRM systems/Portfolio Management
  • Investment Management/Investment banking domains.
Case Study
Marlabs comprehensive solution, coupled with NIKSUN NetDetector’s intelligent monitoring, alerting, and forensic capabilities, provided a complete and secure cyber defense mechanism.


Case Studies

  1. Performance improvement for Web based application
  2. Testing CoE for a large insurance company increases efficiency
  3. Investment firm utilizes Marlabs and NIKSUN technology to secure their business assets
  4. Insurance Technology Leader leverages Marlabs’ application development expertise


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