Mastery of Your Data: Easy as 1-2-3 with WebFOCUS Express

Data may not always be readily available to all those who need it. If available, it may not be in a format that can be easily analyzed. It often requires some heavy lifting to get accurate up-to-date snapshot of information in the form of dashboards and reports. While BI tools can help, typical prerequisites could slow things down:
  • Sourcing, integrating, cleaning, and aggregating data for the tool to process
  • Creating a comprehensive data model with consistent definitions and rules.
The cost of the tool itself may be an obstacle. However, a scalable, efficient, and cost effective business intelligence tool can eliminate these problems. This is where WebFOCUS Express from Information Builders can add value. It takes only three steps to get started:
  1. Analyze all data in minutes
  2. Transform data into actionable, visual information  
  3. Get answers and insight to make confident decisions without external help.
No ETL is required. Data can be directly pulled from the source systems. Intuitive wizards help connect to data sources, transform/upload data, and automatically create reports with ease. WebFOCUS Express has pre-built data models that accelerate the process without the need for additional efforts. All this is available at a very competitive cost.
Other key features include:
  • Interactive visualizations that make it possible to drill down to examine details or smoothly include more data for a new or different perspective
  • Learning what is likely to influence outcomes. Add data, define targets, and view top drivers associated with each desired outcome such as customer churn, won deals, or product quality
  • Combining important data—in spreadsheets, CRM, ERP, SCM applications—into easily created dashboards and actionable reports that can be readily distributed to users across the business 
  • Drag and drop user experience for creating eye-catching visuals that show off data to its best advantage with the ability to slice, dice, visualize, and share.
This game changing software solution is now available from Marlabs, a strategic Information Builders partner.