SAP EWM Specialist/Expert

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Location: Bangalore – Electronic City
Yeras of Experiance: 10-12 Years

Senior SAP EWM Experts has responsibility of designing and Configuring the SAP EWM Systems to run EWM scenarios in an Integrated TM/EWM 9.5 Environment. High degree of passion towards customer centricity is a must for this position. A strong understanding of SAP core technologies
 and ability to work with peers in this area is a must for this position.The
 1. Design and Architect EWM processes for warehousing operations with complex end of day closing with TU Management.
 2. Design and development of following scenarios
  a- EWM/TM Direct Integration.
  b- Post packing Staging and Consolidation operartions.
  c- Inbound and Outbound Processes running on SAP EWM,
  d- End of day closing operations with TU Management in a TM-EWM Integrated environment,
  e- Enhance EWM Cockpits to support fluctuations between Planning and Execution in the warehouse.
  f- Design and Architect EWM User Interfaces (WebDynpro based) for Complex Receiving and shipping operations.
*Qualification, Skills & Experience:*
 Minimum of Bachelor's Degree in Science or related field.
 Masters or special certification preferred in area SAP related areas and supply chain functions Experience
 Minimum of 10+ Years' of hands on experience in a progressive responsibility expanding capability with focus in area of implementing & supporting SAP EWM