SAP TM Consultant

Job code: 
Job Description: 
Yeras of Experiance: 5-7 Years
Location: Bangalore – Electronic City
 Analyst IT - SAP TM Functional has key responsibility of designing and Configuring the SAP TM Systems to run Shipper's scenarios in an Integrated TM/EWM 9.5 Environment. High degree of passion towards customer centricity is a must for this position. A strong understanding of SAP core technologies and ability to work with peers in this area is a must for this position.

 Job Requirements:
1. Design and Architect TM, TM-EWM Integration for processes running in Shipper's Scenarios.
2. Work with the TM Soluiton Lead to design and development of following scenarios
  a- TM/EWM Direct Integration,
  b- MultiStage Operations,
  c- Freight Chrage Calculation and Freight Settlement,
  d- Shipper Integration with Freight Forwarders
 3. exposure to integration technologies including IDOC, ALE, RFC, PI and WebSAervices
 4. exposure to BOPF Application Framework, WebDynpro
 5. Must have worked on very complex SAP TM Enhancements.
Basic Qualifications:
   Minimum of Bachelor's Degree in Science or related field.
   Masters or special certification preferred in area SAP related areas and supply chain functions Experience
 Minimum of 5+ Years' experience in a progressive responsibility expanding capability with focus in area of implementing & supporting SAP TM or solutions in Logistics and Transportation planning & Execution.
 Ability to be productive in a fast paced environment with minimal direction.
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