Performance Testing

Performance testing is critical to business applications since it influences business revenue, customer satisfaction, and the overall credibility of the organization. Applications often fail to meet end-user expectations when performance testing is carried out at the very end of the software development lifecycle. Marlabs test methodology recommends performance engineering at every stage of the development lifecycle to ensure adherence to performance requirements. Marlabs has delivered significant value in many projects by involving early and working in tandem with development teams. Our performance testing solutions not only support traditional approach of testing by engaging test agents locally but also support various cloud models and network virtualization.

Performance Testing and Engineering Service Offerings

Performance Test Consulting
  • Define, assess and improve the performance test process
  • Identify the optimal and customized performance test strategy
  • Assess and select appropriate performance testing tools/framework
  • Identifying load test tool, protocol-advisor, and PoC.
Performance Engineering
  • Support for architecture and platform scalability assessment
  • Performance tuning recommendations for server, application and database configurations to ensure higher performance
  • Code profiling and optimization for faster performance
Performance Testing services
  • Load Testing: Application under test is subjected to different levels (low, normal, and high)
  • Stress Testing: To determine the breaking point of the application under test
  • Endurance Testing: The stability of application is examined by testing for an extended period of time
  • Spike Testing: The impact of a sudden increase in load on application under test is examined
  • Scalability Testing: To determine the scalability of the application under test for the target Load
  • Volume Testing: To test the performance of the application at high volumes of data
  • Batch Performance testing: Monitor the various application parameters during the batch process execution and identify performance bottlenecks.

Case Study
Marlabs provides a cost effective solution for a major US based solutions provider to the insurance industry with maximum scalability and minimum downtime.


Case Studies

  1. Testing CoE for a large insurance company increases efficiency
  2. Optimizing offshore testing increases efficiency and ROI
  3. Comprehensive testing solution improves effectiveness
  4. Performance testing using JMeter improves response time


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