Marlabs Guidewire application configuration has the following features:
  • Define workflows: create new workflows, create new workflow types, and attach entities to workflows as context entities
  • Create business rules and processes: create customized business-specific application rules and GOSU code
  • Implement security policies: customize permissions and security in XML and then apply these permissions at application runtime
  • Modify application interface: configure the text labels, colors, fonts, and images that comprise the visual appearance of the application
  • Change or augment the ClaimCenter application: extend the functionality of the application by building new views or change validations.
Benefits of Guidewire configuration:
  • Propels growth through a focus on end user
  • Increases operational efficiency and brings down costs
  • Continues to excel in the market
  • Achieves profitability through underwriting excellence
  • Aligns business process with application for robust support and efficiency
  • Improves overall user experience by offering out of box solutions.
Case Study
Marlabs maintained the application and developed regular software enhancements to support ongoing business process changes.

Case Studies

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