Guidewire applications can integrate with a variety of external systems using a diverse toolbox of services and APIs that can link it with custom code and external systems:
  • Web service APIs - Web service APIs are a general-purpose set of application programming interfaces that can be used to query, add, or update Guidewire data, or trigger actions and events programmatically
  • Plugins - Guidewire plugins are mini-programs that applications invoke to perform an action or calculate a result. Guidewire recommends writing plugins in GOSU.
  • Messaging plugins send messages to remote systems, and receive acknowledgements of each message
  • Authentication plugins define custom authentication systems
  • Document and form plugins transfer documents to and from a document management system, and also help prepare new documents from templates. Additionally, there are GOSU APIs to create and attach documents
  • Templates generate text-based formats containing a combination of ClaimCenter data and fixed data.
Benefits of Guidewire Integration
  • Point-and-click configurable components provide out-of-the-box configuration
  • Provides complex integration strategies with little or no API programming
  • Integration mechanism eases the upgrade process while ensuring no loss of production time
  • Provides a robust, fault-tolerant messaging infrastructure.


Case Study
Marlabs maintained the application and developed regular software enhancements to support ongoing business process changes.

Case Studies

  1. Real-time construction progress tracking system enables effective monitoring
  2. Marlabs’ SAP UX solution increases SAP HANA ROI
  3. Salesforce CRM implementation increases and aligns sales and customer service efficiency
  4. Claims processing system enhances customer service and operational efficiency while reducing costs


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