Specialized Testing

Marlabs understands the importance of identifying testing challenges and developing appropriate solutions and best practices for the following products / technologies that require special attention. Our home grown automation and performance test frameworks along with our test methodologies offer unique and customized solutions for each one these.
  • Duck Creek Testing
  • Guidewire Testing
  • SAP Testing
  • ERP Testing
  • Oracle Apps Testing
  • eCommerce platforms Testing
Marlabs is a testing partner to some of the world’s largest insurance majors, and has built solid Duck Creek testing expertise with a resource pool of over 150. With more than 100,000 hours of testing experience, Marlabs has executed complex testing assignments in insurance and a wide variety of verticals.
Marlabs helps customers deploying software platforms to take maximum advantage from the implementation. As a trusted testing partner for insurance companies who have deployed the Duck Creek platform, we bring the knowledge, process, tools, people, and other enablers to help them maximize their investment on the Duck Creek platform. 
Case Study
Marlabs worked as a one stop shop for all the Testing needs of an insurance and reinsurance services provider in US across the Duck Creek product and legacy systems.


Case Studies

  1. Testing CoE for a large insurance company increases efficiency
  2. Optimizing offshore testing increases efficiency and ROI
  3. Comprehensive testing solution improves effectiveness
  4. Performance testing using JMeter improves response time


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