Application Modernization

Many organizations still depend on traditional, legacy applications which can be difficult to learn and access. But today, in order to cater to the digital savvy users, businesses need more efficient, secure and high performance access to these systems. Also, complex legacy applications inhibit the ability to increase efficiency and responsiveness, and also make it difficult to reduce the time-to-market. Marlabs’ application modernization solutions can help clients rapidly modernize and integrate legacy applications with new systems of engagement.
Marlabs applies extensive industry and technology expertise to help transform legacy applications into highly integrated and flexible applications. Marlabs’ services enable targeted transformation initiatives, allowing clients to better align their IT investments with business objectives over time. 
Marlabs’ application modernization services can:
  • Enable reuse of proven legacy applications that can lower risk, cost and time-to-market 
  • Lower cost of support by reducing duplicate application components and information 
  • Simplify clients’ technology landscape, thus reducing integration complexity and high maintenance areas to establish a more agile application portfolio
Case Study
Marlabs developed a solution for Tunnel Information Management that visually represents tunnel building progress by monitoring the status using set templates for a full service consulting engineering firm in the US.


Case Studies

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