Mobile Applications

Marlabs has rich experience in implementing unified, mobile ready platforms for customers in critical domains. We develop applications on various platforms such as Android, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows mobile. Our team has an in-depth knowledge of app development and industry trends. Our mobile governance model includes:
  • Identifying existing/new applications to make them mobile ready
    • Target user analysis
    • Choose a simple framework to begin with, like Forrester’s POST approach
    • Gap analysis and portfolio rationalization
  • Decide a strategy for Mobile Application Development and Delivery
    • Mobile Web
    • Hybrid apps (HTML5 apps in Native containers like Titanium, PhoneGap)
    • Native apps
  • A Common Service Layer
    • Building/Implementing a scalable Common Service Layer
    • Implementing a scalable broker system between the service layer and legacy systems
    • Endpoint independence
  • Identifying and integrating a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for media delivery
  • Testing Model
    • Security and Performance
    • Device based testing 
  • Submission Governance
    • Payment model
    • Keep track of submitted applications
    • Analytics
    • Feedback tracking
    • Continuous improvement
Case Study
Application facilitates the delivery of information in the field through iPads. With the ability to create learning that is personalized, sustainable, and measurable, the application is a great leap forward in the SFE space.  


Case Studies

  1. Data Warehouse helps navigate critical business transformation
  2. Mobile learning application for sales force meets all the performance needs
  3. Insurance Technology Leader leverages Marlabs’ application development expertise
  4. Benchmarking product development enhances innovation and adds business value


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