Infrastructure Consulting Services

A robust IT infrastructure is essential for maintaining competitive advantage and attaining agility at the time of change. Marlabs offers consulting services for datacenter and cloud implementation that can help clients transform their businesses into future-ready enterprises. Our professional consulting services for strategic business initiatives can help clients evaluate and implement new technologies.
Our infrastructure consulting services include:
Infrastructure Consolidation
A comprehensive approach that includes logical design, detailed planning, and physical and virtual implementation and deployment allows us to simplify server management. Marlabs Infrastructure consolidation services help defeat datacenter sprawl and infrastructure underutilization. We can help fast-track IT virtualization projects and identify server consolidation prospects and opportunities for streamlining IT management within the existing physical IT infrastructure.

Virtualized Infrastructure Optimization 
While virtualization of applications offers significant value, enterprises IT often faces challenges in rightsizing the virtual infrastructure footprint. Marlabs vAssessTM framework is a combination of tools and best practices driven approach, enabling enterprises maximize the return on investment in virtualization technologies. Our certified engineers evaluate virtualization implementation maturity models and develop actionable remediation strategies in implementing software defined data centers that deliver tangible business value. 
DevOps Services
Ability to offer superior business services and continuous innovation of service features faster than the competition is imperative for businesses success. However, this is not easy to accomplish. Continuous testing, integration, and delivery approaches executed by closely knit development-testing-operations teams form the crucial piece of the puzzle. In most of the enterprise environments, there are the so-called ‘development-to-operations challenges’ such as:
Complex Pre-production/production build and run
  • Inefficient and complex error prevention and diagnosis
  • Silo-ed setup and narrow thinking—Wall of confusion
  • Increase in the rate of change versus stability
Marlabs can help clients to embrace a DevOps model and achieve all of these objectives. Our DevOps consulting services enables clients develop a roadmap that outlines their goals and timelines, and defines how to integrate DevOps automation into their environment. 

We can review the existing build and deployment models and tools of the clients and work with their teams to innovate the processes to make them much more efficient. Marlabs can help clients realize the benefits faster using a bottom-up approach to the DevOps strategy. We start with identifying opportunities to eliminate bottlenecks with quick automation and showcase immediate gains. Afterwards we go up in the process by building end-to-end framework and cultural transformation. 


Case Study
Marlabs leveraged offshore model for reducing operational costs and improved service levels through a strong SLA driven model for a private university in New York City.

Case Studies

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  2. End-to-end enterprise scalable application infrastructure solution addresses current and future industry needs
  3. Managing private cloud for county government improves online services
  4. Always available SAP support desk helps realize optimized application environment


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