Healthcare & Life Sciences

Healthcare and life sciences industries involve large amounts of data and complex processes. It is important to automate processes when possible, as well as gather and share information accurately. Our Microsoft solutions for the healthcare and life sciences industries involve healthcare information modernization, electronic medical records, business intelligence, and health portals.  Microsoft technologies and applications for the healthcare and life sciences industries are designed for professionals to modernize data entry, access, and sharing of data through Web portals, emails, virtual meetings and online forms. Key areas are health portals, healthcare collaboration, and secure and connected infrastructure.
  • Health Portals:
    • Business Intelligence 
    • Electronic medical records 
    • Healthcare information modernization 
  • Healthcare collaboration:
    • Communication and collaboration 
    • Relationship management 
    • Case coordination 
  • Secure and connected infrastructure:
    • Flexible work style 
    • Cloud optimized datacenter 
    • Security and compliance 
Marlabs’ innovation in healthcare includes the use of personal devices including smartphones and tablets to securely connect with patients and other healthcare professionals, easy to use and scalable preventive healthcare tools to support an aging population and the increasing number of people with chronic diseases. Marlabs’ digital solutions supplement in-person care and address the shortage of skilled labor, and communication tools reduce the costs and boost efficiency to tackle the spiraling cost of healthcare.
Case Study
Marlabs developed a Web based enterprise platform for pharmaceutical companies to effectively manage honoraria of speaker/key opinion leaders led events while being compliant with the new regulatory and legal requirements related to speaker compensation.

Case Studies

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