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Marlabs leverages Microsoft SharePoint to develop comprehensive Web solutions. Marlabs’ SharePoint services include SharePoint development, governance and migration, and testing. SharePoint architecture services include auditing and analysis, governance planning, and implementation. Auditing and analysis involves taking stock of existing SharePoint investments, portfolio rationalization, pre-migration analysis, migration strategy, infrastructure review, information management, review, and applications review.
Governance planning involves identifying vision, formation of core team for governance planning, definition of roles and responsibilities, defining guiding principles, designing new farms, sites and customizations defining policies and standards, IT governance, information management governance, application management governance, and training. Implementation involves migration and rationalization, upgradation and migration, restructuring, custom design and development, farm controls, Web application controls, solutions and features, search, customization, branding, site controls, verification and testing, and training users. Marlabs SharePoint capabilities include social collaboration and reporting, enterprise content management system, auditing, planning and migration, and other services. 
Social, Collaboration, and Reporting 
The collaboration features in SharePoint Server 2013, such as OneDrive, people search, wikis, blogs, tags, task aggregation and ratings, can help boost productivity by connecting people and information. Collaboration tools in SharePoint can help organizations capture and share knowledge, encourage collaboration across teams and locales, enhance learning, and build communities. Providing ways to help employees share information can help some organizations capture knowledge that might otherwise go untapped. Other tools, such as profiles and tagging, help people to connect with each other and find knowledgeable people quickly. 
Enterprise Content Management System 
SharePoint 2013 makes Enterprise Content Management (ECM) easy for everyone. Combining traditional content management, social capabilities, and powerful search, ECM is as easy to manage as it is to use. With its simple, ‘behind-the-scenes’ administration, customers can quickly set up compliance policies, while its familiar interface lets people work just as they would in Microsoft Office. The result is well-managed information that is easy to find, share, and use.
Auditing, Planning, and Migration 
SharePoint 2013 delivers a powerful and easy-to-deploy and migrate infrastructure that can help customers increase productivity. Flexible deployment options make it easy to customize the system so that people can do their jobs effectively in a secure environment. Plus, with centralized administration and management features, customers can maintain control over a system that is ready to respond to any business need.
Case Study
Marlabs architected the solution in SharePoint 2010 by designing and developing the system with InfoPath 2010 and custom workflows

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