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Today’s students are digital natives who have grown up with digital technologies. To engage them and cater to their educational and social needs, education providers need to ensure they have the right infrastructure and learning tools. Marlabs' solutions and services help education institutions leverage the latest technologies to improve teaching effectiveness and learning outcomes, accelerate research and innovation and maximize operational efficiency. 
Our services include application development, infrastructure management, data analytics, data management, testing, and eLearning. Marlabs can architect, design and build high quality applications right from the drawing board or maintain and manage off-the-shelf products. In addition, we build interfaces to new age applications from existing legacy applications to reduce support needs, lower costs and meet expanded needs. 
Today's media consumers are connected and empowered like never before. They consume content on a variety of devices and expect experiences to be personalized, and tailored for their devices. In order to succeed in this new environment, media organizations must focus on customer experience, beyond just distributing digital content. They also need to make sure their core operations are responsive to a complex marketplace. Marlabs offers a comprehensive range of software solutions to the media industry to take advantage of the digital revolution in this field. We help media organizations overcome operational challenges, enhance competitiveness, monetize intellectual property, comprehend consumer behavior, and develop new business models with ease. A significant increase in the volume of digital media generated by media enterprises requires advanced solutions to efficiently manage their digital assets. Marlabs provides advanced and scalable Web-based solutions for the media industry help manage the development, distribution, tracking, real-time assessment, and protection of digital media assets. Read more about our Digital Asset Management services.
Marlabs offers end-to-end application development and maintenance services from requirement gathering to deployment and optimization. The offerings include:
  • Application Development 
  • Application Maintenance 
  • Application Support
  • Application Integration, Migration or Transformation 
  • Application Management 
Marlabs specializes in Microsoft, Java, and mobile application development. We help migrate legacy applications into newer versions by adding new features and providing support for various devices like smartphones and tablets. 
Case Study
Marlabs developed an application for a leader in online higher education and K12 Services to manage class schedules and allocate teachers to classes.
Marlabs has proven expertise and track record in developing e-Learning solutions for the education industry. E-Learning solutions developed by Marlabs have included authoring tools, real-time collaboration, curriculum management, and reporting facilities. These cost effective and customizable eLearning solutions are compliant with International Standards such as SCORM and AICC and can be integrated with ERP, LMS, document management, and other systems. Our eLearning solutions are available on mobile platforms too.
A customized eLearning solution developed for a leading eLearning provider included learning management system, data warehouse and analytics, LMS integration and migration, regulatory compliance management for skills, knowledge based assessment, multimedia e-content development, and managed hosting. 
Case Study
Marlabs developed and supported e-Learning applications for a pioneer in online learning and provider of compliance and knowledge management solutions.


Marlabs helps campuses access, organize, store, publish, and distribute course materials through mobile devices. Our mobile solutions support distance learning applications that deliver text, audio chat, video, integrated whiteboards, screen-sharing, and remote desktop features. 
Our iPad application for eLearning developed for a leading online education provider allows users to practice, do assignments, and receive feedback. It also enables users to attend events and participate in polls based on events. Users can connect with other users, view profiles, and activities. We also developed admin application console for the application limited for admin users.
Learn more about our e-Learning solutions.
Learn more about our Mobile solutions.
Case Study
Marlabs developed and supported e-Learning applications for a pioneer in online learning and provider of compliance and knowledge management solutions.


Marlabs offers comprehensive quality assurance and testing solutions for the education industry to enhance productivity and quality, and meet increasingly complex regulatory requirements. Our services include functional testing, performance testing, and regression testing. 
We ensure better processes and communication to efficiently and consistently test across various browsers. Our test automation and hybrid test automation solutions provide the benefits of increased test execution speed across multiple environments/browsers and reduce time-to-marke” for clients. Tools include Perl, PHP, MySQL and Web HTTP/S, Selenium, JMeter, MS Office, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac 10.8, 10.9, Firefox, IE, Safari, Chrome, Mouse Move, and WinRAR.
Learn more about our Testing services.
Case Study
Marlabs delivered a comprehensive testing solution leveraging test automation for a leading provider of campus-wide solutions for strategic planning, assessment, and institutional effectiveness.
Marlabs’ Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions help educational enterprises apply data they have at their disposal to reduce costs and compete better. Our solutions help educational institutes integrate their data and process it to extract insights that help plan better. Our BI solutions have provided clients with increased operational efficiency—better staffing plans, lesser overtime for faculty, among other benefits.
Institutes, colleges or universities can collect data on how the students, faculty, and management interact with other departments within the campus or other centers across the city or country. By analyzing this data, the institutes can figure out areas of improvement.
Media enterprises handle huge volumes of data that needs to be processed, as markets and categories expand over time. They need to quickly analyze information such as advertising information, customer and sales data, and respond to market changes. Marlabs enables analysis of data from all digital media platforms.
Our business intelligence solutions use advanced tools to seamlessly integrate and analyze customer behavior, revenue, intellectual property use, schedules, ratings, promotional activities, social networking, and other sources. 
Learn more about our BI Analytics services.
Case Study
Marlabs developed a data warehouse for a leader in online higher education and K12 services and carried out end-to-end QA and testing. 
Digitalization has compelled media enterprises to transform into digital enterprises to meet the demands of the end-users. This requires modern digital publishing solutions. Traditional publishing methods make content management cumbersome resulting in increased time to market. Marlabs’ digital publishing platform is a Web-based collaborative tool that allows various teams to work together making content management seamless. 
Marlabs provides multichannel distribution options to increase revenue and explore new opportunities. Our solutions support end-to-end workflows and help customers manage different functions such as quality control, editing, and distribution. We also help manage different stages right from the planning phase to distribution and beyond. 
Case Study
Marlabs implemented a one stop, end-to-end enterprise solution for all software and related infrastructure needs from concept to deployment for a non-profit regulatory body assigning ratings for video games and apps. 

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