Healthcare and Life Sciences

Marlabs can help healthcare organizations transform processes and reduce costs, while complying with regulations. Marlabs does this with a focus on quality and superior patient outcomes. We can support healthcare organizations in delivering superior evidence-based and patient-centric healthcare. Marlabs can enhance the clinical and administrative systems of customers to deliver more connected and integrated healthcare solutions. Our healthcare solutions help customers meet the demands of a new economic and regulatory paradigm. We can reduce inefficiencies, increase business performance, and enhance the ability of healthcare organizations to manage the health of their customers. 
Marlabs partners with life sciences organizations on advanced technology engagements as well as on strategic sourcing. Our experience in the new digital technologies like Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud help us tailor innovative solutions for our clients.Our deep domain expertise enables Marlabs to deliver cost-effective compliance and IT infrastructure services. This enhances the life sciences industry’s ability to deliver higher value to shareholders and innovative healthcare to patients.


Marlabs’ clinical data analytics solutions help healthcare organizations improve their decision-making processes, reduce costs, improve time to market, and remain abreast of competition. By being able to gather intelligence from clinical data better, healthcare professionals are able to enhance safety, adjust dosages, and track side effects. 
Highlights of our solutions are:
  • Integrated repository for assembling clinical, operational, and financial data to generate a unified, multi-dimensional view of patient care
  • Analytics framework for enterprise-wide data to accomplish performance management, quality, and cost objectives in a timely manner.
For Life sciences organizations, Marlabs’ clinical data management services make every aspect of clinical research data management well organized. We ensure that deadlines are met, risks related to clinical trials are reduced, and the customers are able to obtain accurate clinical research data, well within the budget. With our data management services, time spent for each project on training will be reduced, enabling customers to focus on clinical trials.
Clients will be in complete control of the data even when the data is managed by our experts. They will also have complete access to their data and can monitor every step. Our solutions are comprehensive and help clients with all aspects of data management from data processing and analysis to management, including clinical data transfer and quality assurance, case report form design, production, tracking and review, and medical coding. 
Case Study
Marlabs implemented a scalable, highly available, and easy to manage IT environment for a healthcare and wellness services provider.


Marlabs’ revenue cycle management solutions help healthcare facilities improve physician and patient satisfaction, improve cash flow, and increase revenue. This way, hospitals can focus on providing better patient care instead of financial management. Our revenue cycle management solution includes all aspects of the revenue cycle right from initial patient contact to health information management. Our process and technology solutions increase revenues and expedite cash flow. With our solution, customers get single source accountability for financial operations management.

Case Study
Marlabs provided a Web and mobile based enterprise platform for developing the Global Physicians Panel to manage information collected from a global list of physicians.


Marlabs' member engagement solution offers advanced consumer profiling capabilities. We provide our customers easy to use, flexible, and personalized member engagement health portals.
Key features of our solutions include:
  • Combining data cleansing, master data management, on-demand reporting and analytics
  • Delivering a 360o view of customers.
Case Study
Marlabs implemented a scalable, highly available, and easy to manage IT environment for a healthcare and wellness services provider.


An effective system that enables customers to settle claims in a timely manner improves customer loyalty. Marlabs' claims processing solutions streamline the claims process and help customers reduce error rates and other flaws. Our customized solutions are tailor made to suit the needs of our customers and ensure accurate identification, faster processing and reimbursements, and improved data extraction.
Some of the advantages include:
  • Modernized claims systems, optimized claims operations
  • Reduced claims complexity and system maintenance requirements
MCO Central
Transforming claim processing through technology
MCO Central by Marlabs is a first-of-its kind Web-based platform for developing and deploying end-to-end workers' compensation claims management systems that can be implemented either as hosted solutions or as on-premise solutions. It accelerates return to work while lowering claims processing costs.
Case Study
Marlabs developed a flexible, comprehensive, robust system to manage the entire cycle of claim process in accordance with all the rules, regulations, guidelines, and standards.
Marlabs and Cyber Data-Risk Managers have joined in a unique partnership to offer healthcare organizations integrated solutions to effectively address growing concerns around security and patient privacy. Cyber Data-Risk Managers is an independent insurance agency specializing in cyber risk and data breach response insurance. Cyber Data-Risk Managers helps healthcare organizations mitigate the risks and costs associated with data breaches or cyber security incidents by offering insurance solutions that help respond to such incidents.
A comprehensive cyber security solution includes an assessment of a healthcare organization’s threats and vulnerabilities, as well as remediation, monitoring and insurance. Marlabs helps organizations develop the processes and skills necessary to appropriately address their cyber security ecosystem. We do this at an affordable price point, while providing superior customer service and support.
HITRUST Assessment Services
Accelerating the use of electronic health records while staying on top of information security has been a challenge for the healthcare organizations. To help safeguard electronic protected health information (ePHI), the Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) established the Common Security Framework (CSF). Combining existing controls with industry best practices, the CSF offers scalable security processes designed for the healthcare environment. A comprehensive and flexible framework, the CSF normalizes security requirements of healthcare organizations in order to help them assess risk levels in their IT environment. It takes a uniquely holistic approach toward information security risk management to ensure that your security program meets your regulatory obligations from a people, process, and technology standpoint.
Marlabs has been designated by HITRUST as a CSF Assessor. As one of the select few HITRUST CSF assessor organizations, with multiple certified assessors on staff, Marlabs provides a comprehensive compliance program that can ready your organization for CSF adoption and certification so that you can create, use, store, and share protected health information with increased confidence.
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Case Study
Marlabs implemented a scalable, highly available, and easy to manage IT environment for a healthcare and wellness services provider. 

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