MultiTouch Digital Learning System is a mobile, personalized, and measurable learning application developed by Marlabs specifically for the pharmaceutical industry. At its core, MultiTouch is designed to meet all the performance needs of the sales force. The application connects sales reps to learning—wherever they are, and whenever they need it. With MultiTouch, information can be delivered in the field through iPads. It facilitates continuous tracking and reporting to drive performance improvement. With the ability to create learning that is personalized, sustainable, and measurable, the application is a great leap forward in the SFE space. MultiTouch closes the loop where all other training fails. 


MultiTouch comprises a Web based admin application and a native iOS application (iPad app). It includes the Event app, Presenter app, and Simulator app. The Event app offers paperless and interactive event experiences for the live learning activities or 'TouchPoints'. The Presenter app offers real-time on-demand sessions led by a coach to support live or virtual TouchPonts. The Simulator app enables active listening, scenario practice, and segregated learning content that elevates the learning experience.

Core components include courses with assignments and TouchPoints and assessments delivered via formats such as video, PDF, PPT, links to videos, and embedded/linked HTML pages. Another component, Commitment Journal, applies learning to real-life sales calls resulting in commitment activities that extend beyond live meetings and drives accountability. Connections brings together everything reps need for communication, learning, and performance. Other core components are Resources such as content references and tools, Notifications, and Reports and Analytics. Insight based on data analysis is an essential part of performance improvement that provides the ability to measure and improve results. The app was developed for Meredith Xcelerated Marketing (MXM Health). 


  • Web-based content management system
  • User admin tools
  • MultiTouch iPad app
  • Paperless events.