SandD is an end-to-end sales and distribution management application built on Salesforce platform. Designed to streamline and add mobility to your sales, SandD is flexible, intuitive, and cloud-based, enabling you to optimize your sales cycle, reduce costs, and increase performance. Unlike other sales and distribution (S&D) apps in the market, it’s a multi-dimensional tool, designed to automate sales organizations of any size.
SandD works in tandem with Salesforce Enterprise Edition. It has been built on, one of the world’s foremost app building platforms. SandD is mobile and flexible; it can be deployed within two-weeks at half the cost of traditional enterprise-wide S&D management systems. Based on your preferences, you can customize all the functionalities of SandD to suit the sales organization’s requirements. It is subscription-based and completely scalable, so you only pay for what you use and later on, as your business grows, you can add more users if you wish.

  SandD Brochure