UX Strategy

Marlabs offers UX Strategy services for the Web, social media, market communication, business development, and beyond. Digital marketing has changed more in the past two years than in the previous 20 years fueled by the rapid adoption of social media to engage customers in dynamic, multiparty conversations. We can create a social media strategy that will help customers establish useful channels of communication with their users. We can also provide our state-of-the art Wall of Tweets (Link Products – WoT) to extend social media efforts to events, conferences, and other gatherings. 
We help people understand the importance of user centered design approach—assistance in integrating user testing and consultation into a development project’s lifecycle to maximize customer satisfaction and acceptance, and ensure the success of the project.
Our activities of UX advocacy include:
  • Analyzing and researching usability issues and problems
  • Identifying the needs and interests of users within development discussions
  • Reporting, triaging, and prioritizing usability bugs
  • Liaising between developers, usability experts, and design experts
Our strong team has years of hands-on experience with Digital Asset Management (DAM) and are active influencers of the field. As organizations are increasingly accumulating digital assets containing a variety of different formats and sizes, it can become extremely challenging to search and manage all these assets on a daily basis. Our DAM UX experts can help design an effective way of organizing digital assets and make them findable in a timely manner.
Case Study
Marlabs was able to advise the executive stakeholders on how to best proceed on the business and technical aspects of the project, while not affecting ongoing production until the solution was ready.

Case Studies

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