Businesses require their employees to manage important assignments and make decisions in real-time, irrespective of their location. SAP has an extensive array of mobile applications that provide businesses with secure access to critical information anytime, anywhere and on any device including iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and Windows Mobile. Executives on the field easily handle work schedules on their mobile devices using SAP mobility solutions.
With our proven expertise in mobile devices, we help enterprises execute mobility strategies. We help identify mobility use cases, outline goals, develop implementation methods, and define the path for the actual execution.
Marlabs solutions include:
  • SAP Mobile Platform: Marlabs will help deploy flexible and scalable SAP based mobile applications for all mobile devices.
  • SAP App Store: Marlabs will help incorporate SAP applications easily and swiftly into systems and also offer field support. 
  • SAP Mobile Management: Marlabs will safeguard important data by consolidating the management and release of mobile applications, services and data.
Case Study
Marlabs built services layer on top of HANA and NetWeaver Gateway for a leading US chemical and pharmaceutical company.


Case Studies

  1. Real-time construction progress tracking system enables effective monitoring
  2. Marlabs’ SAP UX solution increases SAP HANA ROI
  3. Salesforce CRM implementation increases and aligns sales and customer service efficiency
  4. Always available SAP support desk helps realize optimized application environment


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