SAP Audit Services

Organizations implement SAP to benefit from best practice business processes based on highly standardized SAP software applications. However, many organizations fail to audit their SAP systems subsequently, resulting in non-compliance with standard specifications, best practices, and legal requirements. This could also result in missed opportunities for improving business processes and reducing the support and project costs. SAP audits will help businesses maximize the value of their SAP implementation by increasing productivity and business value. 
The SAP audits will identify whether standard functionalities can: 
  • Be best deployed to reduce costs, improve performance, increase productivity, and enhance consistency and quality of usage across the enterprise
  • Replace custom code(s) that do(es) not provide significant value addition
  • Minimize interfaces to non-core processes such as middleware, legacy, and third party systems
  • Be optimally applied during upgrades, data archiving, and consolidations.
Marlabs SAP audit services cover the entire auditing process, supported with a set of procedures based on SAP’s recommended best practices and industry standards supported with checklists and templates.
Types of SAP audits offered: 
  • Business Process Audit: checks business process standards and best practices. Also checks BBP (blueprint), EUT (end-user training) docs, configuration docs for the updated status, etc.
  • Security, Quality and GRC (governance, risk, and compliance) Audit: User maintenance, authorizations for transactions and data access, etc.
  • SAP Performance (and Technical) Audit. 

The SAP Security Audit checks the SAP system’s security, data integrity and reliability. In an SAP audit, the two main areas of concern are security and data integrity. Marlabs SAP Security Audit provides information about how the organization’s SAP security posture compares with industry-specific best practices.

The major focus areas of the SAP audits are to check and recommend optimal support of business processes with available SAP standard functionality and check the standardization levels, best practices, productivity, user satisfaction and added values along with ROI, efficiency, support costs, performance, system loads, etc.
Marlabs SAP Audit approach is spread over various stages: 
  • Scope Agreement: deciding the audit purview
  • System Study: analysis, review, and documentation of gaps
  • Risk study and rating
  • Recommendations
These recommendations ideally will result in triggering change management.
Case Study
Marlabs built services layer on top of HANA and NetWeaver Gateway for a leading US chemical and pharmaceutical company.