Product Engineering

Marlabs’ product engineering services enable clients to maximize productivity in the product development lifecycle, reducing the time-to-market while improving quality. Marlabs has ready access to talented software professionals at multiple global development locations across North America and Asia. Our distributed development model ensures rapid product delivery and considerable cost saving. Our expertise in emerging technologies supported by considerable investments in R&D gives us a leading edge in product engineering.

Our product development team can develop new products right from the product conceptualization phase to the product implementation and support phases. The team comprises functional experts, product architects, technical leads, developers, testers, and product managers.  
Our product development team provides coverage across the product development lifecycle and focuses on product development and sustenance services such as architecture design, quality engineering, sustenance engineering, professional services and support, product management, platform modernization, application management, product quality assurance and testing. Additionally, our services also cover globalization and localization, user experience, technical documentation, and onsite and remote training.
Case Study
MCO Central enables our client to compare performance with benchmarks. It also helps build internal benchmarks, track progress, and improve claims performance over time.


Marlabs has made agile development methodology using SCRUM an integral part of delivery organization, both in terms of process adoption and practitioner approach to SCRUM. We have many certified SCRUM Masters at senior roles who  communicate and mentor people across the organization on this methodology.
Marlabs has successfully executed several engagements using SCRUM methodologies and earned business and customer appreciation. We have adopted various agile tools and methodologies to successfully execute projects under an onsite/offshore model to deliver significant value to our customers. Marlabs has built a product development culture over the years, which along with our understanding of the product development lifecycle helps us create products that exceed client expectations.


Case Study
Marlabs worked with the client to develop, maintain, and support two applications: Compliance Management System Generation 2 (CMSG2) and Efficient Contracting Solution (ECS).


Marlabs Testing Center of Excellence (CoE) has a core team of experienced QA/testing experts whose role is to establish innovative testing processes leveraging their industry experience. This core group identifies and builds competence on emerging frameworks specific to testing. The CoE is also responsible for finding, tracking, and adopting the relevant QA best practices of the industry. Our proven models for QA testing of products during the lifecycle include: 
  • Complete test coverage fulfilling all business requirements and customer expectations
  • Complete traceability to business requirements through test cases
  • Strong project execution process through governing documents such as project and test plan, QA plan, configuration management (CM) plans, and testing strategy documents
  • Iterative and risk based approach to convert business requirements into test cases and scenarios
  • Maintenance of all test artifacts in a centralized environment for future reference stressing the importance of re-usability
  • Metrics to measure performance
  • Requirements coverage analysis metrics and strong review process 
  • Complete ownership for QA certification of the product and all its future releases.
Case Study
Marlabs’ solution provided a consumer-grade, mobile-first user experience for SAP and HANA transforming Sigma-Aldrich into a real-time enterprise. 


At Marlabs we have robust processes to safeguard the intellectual property (IP) of our clients. We follow the below IP protection policies:

  • NDA signed at individual employee levels
  • Source codes and product artifacts protected and access controlled
  • Isolated work spaces (as required)
  • Isolated communication networks
  • Daily backups to offsite DR location
  • Restricted physical access to removable media or other communication devices
  • Cool-off periods during project changes
  • Regular training on IP protection to all employees.
Case Study
Marlabs developed OneConsole, a Dashboard application platform that unified and standardized the client’s legacy applications to provide an integrated console and service API for building mobile and Web applications on top of legacy systems.

Once the product is released to the market, Marlabs can collect feedback from the customers or client teams using customer satisfaction surveys in order to understand the customer feedback. This will be reported to the product team and reviewed for necessary corrective/enhancement action by means of change management for incorporation into future releases.

Case Study
As Gate Gourmet’s strategic partner, Marlabs built InFlight Exchange (IFX) – an integrated SaaS solution for Gate Gourmet’s airline customers.


Case Studies

  1. Claims processing solution helps MCO achieve faster return to work
  2. OneConsole system unifies messaging infrastructure and user interfaces of multiple ticketing/messaging systems
  3. Mobile learning application for sales force meets all the performance needs
  4. Marlabs’ SAP UX solution increases SAP HANA ROI


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