Analytics & Reporting

Marlabs BI consultancy services provide significant insights from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data by leveraging advanced analytics and reporting tools. Our team of BI experts helps customers choose top-class custom-made as well as ready-to-use BI tools, enhance and deploy them to gain insight into customer behavior, brand image, competition, operations, and market potential.

We help our customers understand the advantages of their BI solutions by working with them through the change management process in the deployment phase. Our specific solutions help customers benefit from advanced data analytics. Our solutions comprise business intelligence assessments, planning and roadmaps, selection of tools and technologies, prototyping, data migration and integration, design and enhancement of architecture, development of analytics dashboard and reporting automation, and support for MDM and data governance.

Developing a traditional BI framework is not a suitable option for businesses implementing a new BI project. In traditional BI architectures, data needs to be transferred from the source using complicated ETL tools. There are various batch processes in between to find, extract, convert, load, clean, convert again and transfer between platforms, departments or data marts unnecessarily. This process is complicated, costly, and slow, creating various problems. This justifies the selection of modern BI architecture.

Case Study
Marlabs developed a single, integrated, and Web-based information management system to generate reports, dashboards, and scorecards for a leading international network of quality, innovative institutions of higher education.

Case Studies

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