Cloud Migration

Marlabs helps customers save significant cost through portfolio rationalization and moving some of their workloads to cloud platforms. Picking one application and evaluating its cloud portability is not especially difficult. If there are no fundamental changes to the architecture, the only prerequisite is to assess the security and compliance requirements and then ‘lift and shift’ to the cloud.  
However, things are not that straightforward when enterprises are on the verge of a radical IT transformation and are potentially undergoing an enterprise level portfolio rationalization exercise to consolidate the IT assets. Marlabs uses a holistic approach to evaluate the cloud readiness of the business applications. We help customers assess the cloud portability of their application portfolio using our own tools frameworks (CMAT®) and also facilitate their migration to the Cloud. We use analytical methods to rate the application fitment for the Cloud. Our methodology touches all the aspects of the right candidature—technology, risks, and business viability.
Marlabs Cloud Migration Assessment of the enterprise apps portfolio provides our customers with structured information and clear-cut strategy for their cloud adoption. Once the assessment is done, our cloud certified expert engineers help design the right architecture for the application being moved to Cloud. High availability, scalability, integration, and security are of utmost importance when apps are moved to the Cloud. Our team ensures that the customers get to do the right things right, the first time, every time.


Case Study
Marlabs accelerates transition without affecting service delivery and reduces total infrastructure costs for an urban county.