Marlabs’ Java Center of Excellence (COE) has immense domain knowledge and expertise in Java platform and open source technologies. We have built several advanced applications for our clients using Java. From the application lifecycle management perspective we have developed  many intellectual properties to accelerate development. These accelerators are readily available on Marlabs cloud, which can be leveraged by the customers to substantially cut down the development efforts.

Marlabs follows a developer-friendly review methodology for Java. Automation of database documentation in Java gets generated on each build. Architectural rules are defined as part of continuous integration and get checked on very build. Quality of code is ensured by the code coverage with the bench mark set to 95%. Our advantages include time to market, development productivity, code quality, assessment platform, best in class technology expertise, and solution accelerators.


Businesses today are increasingly dealing with complex technology challenges, which need suitable IT solutions to enhance productivity. Java is an advanced development platform for various software tools and solutions that enable enterprises to meet their IT requirements in different scenarios. 

Marlabs’ deep industry experience in Java and understanding of the current market trends enable enterprises to benefit from our Java based solutions and services for managing their business processes, business intelligence, content management, CRM, websites, and middleware. We develop a common technology framework based on industry best practices in architecture, design, and implementation, which forms the basis of enterprise application development. We also help customers transition and integrate Java Enterprise systems into existing enterprise solutions. 


Case Study
Marlabs implemented a one stop, end-to-end enterprise solution for all software and related infrastructure needs from concept to deployment.
Businesses need advanced, scalable, and secure applications to meet their ever changing business scenarios. It is also important to go for the right architecture to lower the costs for application development. Java platform is compatible with most hardware platforms. JavaScript is in line with open source principles following the footprints of Java and is suitable for creating complex applications with excellent user experience. Java is also suitable for developing applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded devices. At Marlabs we keep track of industry standards and advise our customers, helping them make the right choices. 
Marlabs can develop cost effective and customized Java based portals to meet the needs of various end-users. We offer comprehensive enterprise portals that can be integrated with internal and external applications. Marlabs has vested quite a lot of time in understanding major architecting trends in the industry like TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework), Zackman, Gartner and Federal enterprise architecture (FEA). Marlabs has also built some of the accelerators, application development tools, and reusable components, which can be used in any Java project. Reusing components across projects adds value to customers as they have already been thoroughly tested and improve the development speed.
Case Study
Marlabs managed the end-to-end testing for a client in the education domain without purchasing any license, resulting in cost savings. 


Migrating Java applications to the Cloud reduces administration costs and need for maintenance. Cloud infrastructure is also scalable and secure. Marlabs offerings for Java are Cloud enabled. Our networking monitoring tools ensure high availability enabling customers to focus on customer business problems than worrying about servers and infrastructure.

Marlabs is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner. Microsoft cloud computing platform Azure and AWS cloud computing platform provide a variety of cloud computing services. We leverage our partnerships to help our customers deploy, run, and manage applications in the Cloud. 


Case Study
Marlabs' solution used a linear programming model to determine the optimal distribution of teachers to classes. The application increased visibility through tracking of assignments across centers nationally.


Mobile applications need flexibility, security, and support for a wide variety of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Java is open source and reliable, making it an ideal base for user-friendly mobile applications and RWD portals. Marlabs offers Java based advanced mobile solutions that can run seamlessly on a variety of mobile devices. Applications include multimedia, m-Commerce, and games. We have built accelerators, application development tools, and reusable components, which can be used in Java projects for mobiles and improves development speed.

Case Study
Marlabs provided an end-to-end solution for the client and was involved in all application development life cycle activities including requirements gathering, analysis, technical design, construction, testing, and deployment. 


Case Studies

  1. Faculty assignment system boosts process efficiency
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